I. Free traffic of goods on the European market
With a view to guaranteeing the free traffic of goods on the European Union (EU) market, the current national regulations have been changed so that they could comply with the EU general instructions for trade within the Community and harmonising the legislation of the member countries in connection with the so called "new and global approach" and regarding the safety and health of people, protection of environment and information for customers.
BALKANCAR will make its way to the European certification policy strengthening and securing the free traffic of its industrial products on the EU markets.
BALKANCAR factories are in procedure of evaluating their products’ conformity with the requirements of EU general instructions for safety.
The possession of TÜV p.s. GmbH and GOST-R certificates and test-signs for conformity is a presumption for the CE marking application, as a peculiar visa for penetrating the market and for the free products traffic throughout the EU territory.
TUV certificates
II. TÜV/GS sign - a symbol of conformity of BALKANCAR products with the European standards and requirements
In 1994/95 TÜV p.s. GmbH carried out certification procedure for conformity of BALKANCAR products - industrial trucks.
Based on the positive results from the tests and the inspections carried out with the manufacturers, reflected in the experts' technical reports, the TÜV p.s. GmbH certification instance issued certificates for conformity with the right to use the GS (Gepruefte Sicherbeit) control sign.
The products correspond to the requirements of the German Law for safety (GSG) and are controlled by the DIN and VDE national standards and regulations.
GOST-R certificates
III. GOST-R sign - a port of BALKANCAR products on the CIS market
In 1994/95, OS VNIINMASH - Moscow, a licensed certification authority of the Russian Federation, carried out inspection tests for conformity of BALKANCAR products - industrial trucks, under the GOST-R certification system. The general stipulations and the certification procedure correspond to the Rules of ISO, IEC 7, 16, 27, 28, 40 and 44.
The VNIINMASH certification authority, based on the certificates for conformity with the safety requirements under GOST 18962-86 and GOST 24282-86 standards issued licenses, certifying the right to use the sign for conformity under the GOST-R system for certification of BALKANCAR products - industrial trucks.
CE symbol
IV. CE mark - a technical passport for BALKANCAR products on the European market
The scheme and procedure for conformity evaluation are considered with the 89/392 EEC directive - Safety of Machines and Decision 93/465 of the Council with regards to the modules concerning the phases of evaluation procedures and the regulations for adopting and using the CE mark.
The test control is based on the requirements of Appendix 1 - 89/392 EEC, on a number of major and specific harmonised European and international standards, related to the general instructions application and contains documented information as evidence for conformity.
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